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StreamGuys aggiunge il flusso di live dal potere del pubblico Riavvolge le capacità verso la piattaforma di riproposizione dell'espansione delle entrate


SGrecast’s new SGrewind feature gives listeners greater control with nDVR-like functionality to rewind, pause, resume and restart live streaming broadcasts

BAYSIDE, CALIFORNIA, febbraio 13, 2019 – The upcoming 2019 NAB Show will mark the North American debut of SGrewind, the latest powerful module in the enterprise-class SGrecast live stream repurposing and workflow management system from StreamGuys.Automatically retaining a rolling window of replayable content, SGrewind lets radio broadcasters give their listeners network DVR-like abilities to rewind, pause, or restart a live stream from the beginning of a program. StreamGuys will demonstrate the new feature in booth N2524 at the show, where the pioneering SaaS-based streaming solutions provider will co-exhibit with technology partner ENCO from April 8 to 11.

The comprehensive, cloud-based SGrecast platform lets broadcasters record, repurpose, replay and rewind their live streams to improve audience experiences and effortlessly create revenue-expanding side channels and podcasts. SGrewind gives listeners greater control of their live-streamed audio, letting them pause and resume streams without missing any content; rewind to hear something they missed; or start the stream at a specific earlier segment, similar to a television electronic program guide (EPG). For example, mobile consumers can pause a live radio stream will passing through areas with poor connectivity; a listener joining a talk show late could restart from the beginning of the program; or a commuter about to leave home could jump back to the station’s most recent traffic segment.

SGrewind-enabled live stream control is available in StreamGuys’ managed, embeddable SGplayer, while SGrewind-generated URL parameters enable developers to integrate SGrewind support into their own custom players and mobile apps. SGrewind’s live audio DVR capabilities are processed at the server rather than client-side, enabling broadcasters to integrate multiple players and apps with the same rewindable stream while avoiding the need to use precious storage on listeners’ devices.

SGrewind integrates seamlessly with StreamGuys’ SGreports logging and analytics service to provide details of rewound content within in-depth listener metrics. SGrewind can leverage SGrecast’s blackout capabilities to prohibit rewinding during rights-restricted content, while upcoming functionality will allow users to selectively purge previously-recorded snippets to prevent replaying of unexpected offensive or legally-sensitive content.

“We continue to add new SGrecast features that help broadcasters easily, efficiently and inexpensively repurpose their content, improve audience engagement and deliver more value to their advertisers or sponsors,” said Jason Osburn, executive vice president, StreamGuys. “Enabling listeners to rewind live streams means they can hear more of the station’s content that they might have otherwise missed, benefiting the broadcaster and its advertisers, while giving consumers the convenience of not having to wait until the end of the current program for an archived recording to be published.”

The SGrewind feature of SGrecast is available immediately. SGrecast and SGrewind are just two of many powerful tools in StreamGuys’ end-to-end SaaS suite for producing, managing, monetizing, and delivering live and on-demand streaming media.

Informazioni su StreamGuys, Inc.

Negli affari dal 2000, StreamGuys è un fornitore di servizi leader nel settore del flusso in diretta e in streaming, della fornitura di podcast e dei set di strumenti software come supporto (SaaS) per le organizzazioni di media broadcasting a livello enterprise. L'azienda riunisce il miglior rapporto prezzo-prestazioni, una rete robusta e affidabile e una piattaforma infinitamente scalabile cloud-based per i clienti di qualsiasi dimensione per elaborare, distribuire, monetizzare e riprodurre contenuti professionali di streaming. StreamGuys supporta molti dei podcast più grandi del mondo, emittenti radiofoniche e televisive globali, società di produzione di video e audio, case di culto, aziende di vendita al dettaglio e ospitalità, organizzazioni governative, servizi medici e sanitari e locali live per lo sport e l'intrattenimento. L'azienda è eccellente nello sviluppo e nella distribuzione di tecnologie per la crescita aziendale e la generazione dei ricavi, incluso l'inserimento dinamico degli annunci, le abilità di Alexa, lo streaming mobile e l'analisi dettagliata di business e dati.

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