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Periscope Post & Audio lancia a Hollywood


Industry vet Ben Benedetti tapped to lead new facility offering full-service sound and picture post.

HOLLYWOOD—Chicago-based Periscope Post & Audio has expanded to the West Coast, opening a 22,000 square foot sound and picture finishing facility in Hollywood. The new site, located at 6860 Lexington Avenue near Highland, will offer a full range of post services including dailies, editorial, color grading, sound editing and mixing. Key resources include a theatrical mix stage with Dolby Atmos capability, three additional mix stages for home theater and streaming content, also Atmos capable, and five color grading and finishing suites, two with 4K capability to be certified for Dolby Vision. It also features an ADR Stage as well as production and editorial office space available on short- and long-term basis.

Michael Nehs

The new facility will target broadcast and streaming television content as well as high-quality independent features. “We want to build on relationships we’ve forged with producers in Chicago and extend our reach further into the television and feature markets,” said Periscope Post & Audio co-owner Michael Nehs. “We have been looking for the right property for several years, one that is convenient to studios and production companies, and big enough to support full-service solutions. We also wanted a space that would allow us to build large mix stages, which we believe are badly needed. This space offers all that and room to grow.”

To lead the Hollywood facility, Periscope has appointed veteran post-production executive Ben Benedetti as general manager. Benedetti, whose background includes executive posts with Sony Pictures Entertainment and Ascent Media, will oversee daily operations, direct strategic planning, and develop sales and growth plans. “I’ve worked with Ben in the past and it was a wonderful experience,” Nehs said. “He offers deep expertise in every facet of post production and is very well connected to the studios and streaming companies. He was our first choice.” Additional staffing will be announced soon.

Ben Benedetti

Benedetti says that Periscope is seeking to capitalize on the surge in production by streaming services and has built a facility to meet that segment of the market’s technical and creative needs. “We want to support directors and producers in achieving their creative visions,” he insists. “We understand their requirements and will cater to them. We are creating a unique culture based on exceptional service and enhanced with flair and attitude from Chicago.”

Il sito Hollywood facility’s two 4K grading theaters that feature Black Magic Design Da Vinci Resolve systems with added support for Dolby Vision color correction and IMF delivery. They also include Avido and Adobe Premier platforms for editorial conforming. The three other color grading suites offer similar set ups with Da Vinci Resolve, Avido and Premier technology. Dailies processing and look development services are also available onsite.

The large theatrical mix stage is anchored by an Avido S6 digital console supported by Avido Pro Tools workstations. It is capable of mixing in Dolby Atmos for theatrical release. The other three mix stages are also equipped with Avido S6 consoles and Pro Tools systems, and are set up to mix in Dolby Atmos for streaming and home theatre. Additionally, the facility has two sound design suites and four sound editorial suites. A second ADR room will be added next year.

The facility also includes 42 rental unit spaces that can function as production offices or editing rooms. For productions wishing to take up residence at the site, Periscope can provide editing systems, networked storage, communication, infrastructure and technical support.

Periscope Post & Audio launched in Chicago in 2013 and has enjoyed rapid growth while servicing episodic television, independent features and other projects. “Our vision for Hollywood is the same as it is in Chicago,” says Nehs. “We deliver a high-quality product while working within our clients’ budget and schedule. We’re built with the future in mind.”

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Periscope Post & Audio è una società di post-produzione a servizio completo con strutture nel Cinespace di Chicago e Hollywood. Entrambe le strutture offrono una gamma di servizi di rifinitura di suoni e immagini per televisione, film, pubblicità, videogiochi e altri media. e studio di registrazione audio situato al Cinespace di Chicago, specializzato in film, televisione, videogiochi e pubblicità. I progetti recenti includono le serie televisive Impero, esorcista e New Girl, film Kickboxer: Vengeance, La coppa dei lavoratori, La resurrezione di Gavin Stone, Combatti mamma e Move firmae pubblicità per Honda, Pepsi e Groupon.