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Il nodo multimediale Nevion Virtuoso supera il test JT-NM SMPTE ST 2110


Nevion, fornitore pluripremiato di soluzioni di produzione di media virtualizzate, ha annunciato oggi che è flagship software-defined media node Virtuoso is one of the few products in its category to have been successfully tested for the SMPTE ST 2110 standard for essence-based transport of media over IP. This thorough testing means that broadcasters, media organizations, service providers and other potential users of Nevion Virtuoso are assured that the product will work in a multi-vendor environment in an IP media network.

Since the initial parts of SMPTE ST 2110 were first published in 2017, many equipment vendors have claimed support for the standard. However, as some buyers have discovered to their costs, those claims were not always a guarantee that the equipment will work in a multi-vendor environment.

For that reason, encouraged by a number of significant broadcasting organizations, two top technical bodies, the EBU (European Broadcast Union) and IRT (Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH) have come together to create and administer a testing process sponsored by the JT-NM (Joint Task Force on Networked Media). The program offers prospective purchasers of IP based equipment greater, more documented insight into how vendor equipment aligns to the SMPTE ST 2110 e SMPTE Standard ST 2059.

The tests took place in Houston in March 2019. They established that Nevion Virtuoso was one of the few media nodes and gateways to successfully pass the interoperability tests for SMPTE ST 2110-10 (system timing, based on SMPTE ST 2059), ST 2110-20 (uncompressed video), ST 2110-30 (digital audio), and ST 2110-40 (ancillary data), both as a sender and receiver. Furthermore, Nevion Virtuoso was chosen to be one of the reference devices in many of the interoperability tests.

Johnny Dolvik, responsabile del prodotto e sviluppo, Nevion, said: “The JT-NM Tested Program is a very significant development in the industry, because it provides clarity for first time about the true capability of vendors’ products within broadcast facilities. As long-standing supporters of standards, we believe that it is in the interest of prospective buyers of equipment to demand that they are JT-NM Tested, as that is the real guarantee that those products will function in a multi-vendor environment.”

Per ulteriori informazioni su Nevion e le sue soluzioni, per favore visita il Sito web Nevion.

Nevion will be proudly displaying its JT-NM Tested Badge at the NAB Show a Las Vegas, 8-11 April 2019, stand SU5510.

About the JT-NM Tested Program at NAB 2019

Sponsored by the JT-NM and administered by the EBU and IRT – two top technical bodies – the JT-NM Tested program offers prospective purchasers of IP based equipment greater, more documented insight into how vendor equipment aligns to the SMPTE ST 2110 e SMPTE ST 2059 standards. Vendors who submitted equipment to be tested and agreed to make their results public are listed, with their products’ test results in the JT-NM Tested catalog which is publicly available at the IP Showcase booth at NAB 2019 and at jt-nm.org/jt-nm_tested. This catalog provides transparency, describing the test criteria and testing methodology, as well as the hardware and software versions of the products that were tested. While JT-NM Tested is not a certification program, it will provide a snapshot in time of how vendor equipment aligns to key parts of SMPTE standards, providing prospective purchasers and users with a reference as they begin their equipment evaluation and qualification process.

Chi Siamo Nevion

Come architetto di produzione di media virtualizzata, Nevion fornisce soluzioni di rete multimediale e di infrastruttura di trasmissione a emittenti, fornitori di servizi di telecomunicazione, agenzie governative e altri settori. Sempre più basato su tecnologia IP, virtualizzazione e cloud, NevionLe soluzioni offerte consentono la gestione, il trasporto e l'elaborazione di video, audio e dati di qualità professionale - in tempo reale, in modo affidabile e sicuro. Dalla produzione di contenuti alla distribuzione, Nevion Le soluzioni vengono utilizzate per alimentare importanti eventi sportivi e live in tutto il mondo. Alcuni dei più grandi gruppi mediatici del mondo e dei fornitori di servizi di telecomunicazioni utilizzano Nevion Tecnologia, tra cui AT & T, NBC Universal, Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., NASA, Arqiva, BBC, CCTV, EBU, BT, TDF e Telefonica.

Per maggiori informazioni per favore visita www.nevion.com. Seguire Nevion Su Twitter @nevioncorp

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