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Magyar Telekom marcia avanti con lo Streaming TV basato su cloud di MediaKind


Magyar Telekom marcia avanti con lo Streaming TV basato su cloud di MediaKind

  • Customers of Magyar Telekom, a Deutsche Telekom affiliate will soon be offered immersive TV experiences integrating IPTV and OTT multiple screens based on MediaFirst from MediaKind.
  • Extends the long-term partnership between Magyar Telekom and MediaKind by leveraging currently deployed hardware and software, complemented by next generation TV platforms
  • The deployment is part of a frame agreement between Deutsche Telekom and MediaKind for a

cloud-based offering covering MediaFirst TV Platform, Video Storage and Processing Platform and Content Management System for future deployment across other European markets.

MediaKind, a global media technology leader, today announces that Deutsche Telekom has chosen to extend its long-term partnership with MediaKind to deploy, support and operate a new multi-tenant next generation cloud TV platform. The first Deutsche Telekom subsidiary to operate this new platform will be Magyar Telekom in Hungary, who are working to migrate most of their subscribers on to it by the end of 2020. The new cloud TV platform can enable rapid service launch for other European affiliates as it reuses existing hardware and software infrastructures.

This new multi-tenant, cloud media platform combines MediaKind’s MediaFirst TV Platform, Video Storage and Processing Platform and Content Management System. MediaFirst will enable a consistent innovative, interactive and personalized entertainment experience on all video-capable devices. Initial deployment will take place on over-the-top (OTT) mobile terminals, tablets and smart TVs, followed by IPTV next generation set top boxes (STBs) and finally the migration of legacy STBs . Existing subscribers will access new services on the platform via their existing STB and audio video (AV) infrastructure. All subscribers will be able to access a wide range of advanced features within one single pay TV subscription. They include: online and offline video content from any device; internet applications on cutomers and operator choice; and next generation features such as deep 3pp integration, universal search, rich metadata & advanced personalization, and smart speaker & voice control.

Damien Montessuit, Senior Vice President, EMEA, MediaKind, says: “Through the partnership with Magyar Telekom, we have developed an IPTV-OTT TV platform that delivers a compelling and unified experience for consumers in Hungary. The new platform, our local presence and continued partnership with Deutsche Telekom can enable a swift service integration across other affiliates, helping it achieve its vision of a unified infrastructure.”

Deutsche Telekom is currently the only operator in Europe to build a network architecture which enables the use of a single standardized infrastructure across national borders. Its pioneering pan-European Network (Pan-Net) initiative enables Deutsche Telekom subsidiaries to collaborate in developing, upgrading and deploying new or similar services and products.


Informazioni su MediaKind a NAB Show

At NAB Show 2019, MediaKind (SU720) mostrerà come sta permettendo ai proprietari di contenuti, alle emittenti e ai fornitori di servizi di evolvere, adattarsi e passare a flussi di lavoro nuovi e dinamici con il proprio portafoglio di soluzioni e servizi di prossima generazione. Durante lo spettacolo presenterà il MediaKind Universe, una soluzione e un portafoglio di servizi con ampiezza e profondità di fama industriale. Proprio come il consumatore è posizionato saldamente al centro dell'universo dei media di oggi, circondato per scelta, l'universo MediaKind risponde in modo gentile, consentendo ai proprietari di contenuti e agli originatori, ai broadcaster e ai fornitori di servizi di pay TV di offrire esperienze uniche e coinvolgenti. Per ulteriori informazioni si prega di visitare qui.

Informazioni su MediaKind

Siamo MediaKind, leader globale della tecnologia e dei servizi multimediali, fondata come joint venture tra One Equity Partners e Ericsson. La nostra missione è quella di essere la prima scelta tra fornitori di servizi, operatori, proprietari di contenuti e emittenti che cercano di offrire esperienze multimediali coinvolgenti. Attingendo al nostro patrimonio industriale di lunga data, stiamo guidando esperienze multimediali live e on-demand, mobili e multischermo di prossima generazione per tutti, ovunque. Il nostro portafoglio di soluzioni multimediali end-to-end include le soluzioni di compressione video vincitrici di Emmy per la distribuzione di servizi di video contributivi e direct-to-consumer; soluzioni di personalizzazione della pubblicità e dei contenuti; DVR ad alta efficienza; e TV e piattaforme di consegna video.

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