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Direttore di produzione


The production manager is responsible for leading the production at the Station including planning, organizing and executing all production elements in the studio and the field.

Attività chiave

Lead Production Personnel: Hiring and Scheduling/Manage Production Automation System

Oversee the Ignite environment including:

– Training and scheduling of Ignite directors.
– Work with the news department and provide for the programming of Ignite to fulfill the news strategy.
– Provide a regularly tested disaster recovery for Ignite automation.
– Continually assess and develop Ignite best practices and provide direction on future updates for the system.
– Post employment opportunities for any employee vacancy; interview and hire production employee candidates.
– Write and perform annual performance reviews for production staff.
– Collection, collation and verification of time cards for entire production department.
– Coordination of annual vacation days, and records of employee sick days.
– Daily scheduling for emergency fill-ins for vacant positions due to illness or employee emergency.
– Designate personnel for on-call schedules, if any.

Studios: Scheduling, Coordination and Maintenance

– Oversee scheduled studio time for Studios A and B..
– Oversee all maintenance of Studios A and B
– Determine in advance all studio supply and equipment requirements; making the ordering/purchasing of said supplies and equipment.
– Authorize expenses for repairs, equipment and expendables within predetermined budgetary constraints.
– Consult on any studio changes.
– Receive complaints, interpret problems and determine solutions for broken studio and control room equipment.
– Work with the News Director and the General Manager to achieve required lighting look for all on-air product.
– Maintain lighting integrity of studio sets and set designs.

Controllo di qualità

– Read and follow up on the daily show quality control reports in an effort to improve on air performance.
– Generate capital budget requests for production department – for both present and future years.
– Manage departments annual budget.

Special Productions

– Oversee coordination and set-up with all departments for any special events; ex.: sales, news, investigators, consumer team, art, etc.
– Determine technical & personnel requirements for special productions on location.
– Troubleshoot.


– Direct news as needed.
– Read trades to be current on industry practices & innovations.


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